2.5 kg                     Gideon Milling Cake Flour

250g                      Margarine

X 3                         Beaten eggs

500 ml                   Sugar

X 1 Tin                   Condensed Milk

15 ml                       Salt

15 ml                       Anise

4 ½ x 250 ml        Boiling Water



Throw boiling water over Condensed Milk Margarine, Sugar and Salt. Stir till the sugar and margarine has melted. Add Cake Flour and Anise and then sour dough with beaten eggs. Use your hands to fold and mix dough together. Leave over night to rise (please note it is not necessary to over mix your dough). The next morning without mixing the dough again divide your dough in separate balls, and leave once again to rise to double its size. Bake for a hour on 180 C or 350F. Allow to cool down properly. Put in to dry oven on 100CC or 200F.